Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ode to First 4 Silver

It certainly is a dreary day

when we have to go our separate way
after four years of happiness and pain,
after all those losses and those gains
after those friendships and hardships
after those successes and those slips.
Twenty five years have elapsed since then
for PSG Tech ’84 brethren.
As waves of nostalgia crash upon the
ocean of thoughts now, First 4 Silver, the
successful unique reunion
has most definitely achieved its mission
by bringing together so many,
nearly a hundred batchmates and family.
The Herculean tasks of oiling rusty
links and forging new ones, dusting musty
autograph books and contacting one
and all, planning the show and the fun
was accomplished by the skilled alumni
Kudos! to those who pushed these dreams sky high.
Yet the day for them to separate
is at hand again. But with batchmates
exchanging contacts and emails now.
it is fairly evident to all by now,
it is not the mere beginning of the end,
rather it is the dawn of a fresh beginning.

....written for my dad at his silver jubilee college reunion