Monday, January 4, 2010

A fearful malady

As the sun sets in the west,

it sends out its last rays, the best
sight that cheers me as I lie
in bed. I let myself sigh.
I really have faced a few
times in the sick bed and do rue
this latest malady that
Struck me this June, just like that
I moan as I remember
the ways I tried to ward her
away from me. I drummed away on
the keyboard; high scores are born.
My nose is an inch apart
from the monitor. My heart
then feels a misgiving. So,
I devise a new cure. With more
ado, I flip channels. I
feel snug in the arms of my
favourite stars on Disney.
Alas! She striketh poor me
again! Lady Malady, show
some pity. Resigned, I move
into the study. Armed with
the most spectacular myth
of Ulysees, I relax
into my chair. It still lacks
the power to repel my disease.
It rears its head again. Please
stop! Yet it struck me when the
hero finally met the
long-missed family. I then
turned on music. This was when
The Lady Malady was
just beside me, the cause
apparently being due
to me hearing, not the new,
but the oft-heard songs. With great
deftness, she swept me into my state
of despair. Oh noble reader,
before you scold me or Her,
let me bestow her proper name,
she has earned eternal fame,
for she is the Lady BOREDOM.
I certainly owe you some
thanks for staying till the end,
having precious time to lend,
cause you helped me drive away,
the so fearful Malady!

(When bored during hols after XII! :-) )

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