Saturday, February 6, 2010

An Autobiography

The first time I opened my eyes

I saw a glowing globe rise
which threw light on the extensive
beautiful blue blanket that did give
the exquisite envelope fit
for the gifts of God beneath it.
Lord, I beseech ye to keep that place
as I saw it during the phase
of my life which felt wonder and
admired the greenery of the land.
I also recollect my first
taste of water; all thought of thirst
forgotten; the feel of rain,
the pulse of ecstasy coursing my vein.
I thus embraced the seeds of life
and promised not to cause strife
among the benevolent creatures
that adorn the magnificent features
of Earth. Months passed by and I grew tall
enough to make out a high wall.
I rose up and up, high above.
Every strand of hair does blow
with every gust of the fast wind.
My heart felt so heavy and pinned
against its confines for not being
able to see the sun heaving
its shining self across the sky,
nor the celestial Luna, high
up, making herself move all the way
across the gem-laden night. May
thunder or lightning race about,
I cared for nothing except about
seeing the world over the wall.
I stretched my arms and stood tall
on my toes and slowly worked my
body towards the top. With a sigh,
a pant and a lunge, I worked thus.
Suddenly, I felt that I must
do something else as well-worth,
something to add joy and mirth.
Soon, I was bounded by colour
which gave me the strength to harbour
failures I encountered while
trying to scale the wall, so high.

At last! I did it! I did it!
My head burst over the sunlit
side of the wall and knew nothing
but ecstasy that is lingering
even today. But then something happened
that made me feel uneasy, dampened.
Each breath became heavier than
the last. The colours grew blurred and
my deep crystal clear vision
grew worse. I lost my sense of mission.
I felt a cloud of black surround
me. My eyes weighed a thousand pounds.
After that, I remembered nothing,
heard nothing, saw nothing, felt nothing.

When my overwrought eyes opened
again, I thought what a God – send
it was to just be able to breathe
peacefully. I realized
I was imprisoned. My on-the-heal
mind told me so. But I did not feel
suffocated and that was sufficient.

I have lain here since. On the
eve of my hundredth year, a child read the
writing on my transparent wall,
Tree – extinct specie’ and that is all.

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