Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Dear 猿


On the Ides of last August
arrived someone to whom I must
dedicate my words of song
and hope that they belong
to one of her favourites.
She is a very spirited
soul, sometimes misunderstood.
To list her successes would
fill books, yet it was not that
facet that drew me, just that
I wanted to know her more. She
then removed the mask for me
and I can honestly say
that has indeed made my day.
She is a remarkably
selfless person who ably
assists me in my distress.
The one thing which has impressed
me much is her lack of ego.
She can take advice and let go
so easily. Self - esteem
is so high, nearly a dream.
Even though she's so deep, she's so
childish as well. That's so
great 'cause we share so much
together. Laughs, giggles and lunch.
Secrets, jokes, messages and
more. I never thought me and
my best friend would get along
so well. Our jokes to belong
only to ourselves. I'm glad
she likes my stories and had
given a ear to all of my
worries. She is different, my
dear honourable reader,
yet she is the same. We're enantiomers.
Non-superimposable mirror images!



  1. It wouldn't be fair if i continue savouring your posts without giving you the due appreciation. Having said that, I simply love your style of writing! btw convey my wishes to her.


  2. Thank you so much!
    猿 - Saru
    こんにちは。 - Konicheva
    さようなら。- Sayonara

    These are the only words I know in Japanese... I just cut-copy-pasted them from the net and I have absolutely no idea what your p.s. means... I'm not the one who knows Japanese... will ask her to decode it for me!

  3. I thought 猿 meant monkey :D