Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Mother

Happy birthday dearest mother. Today
let me use my own way with words to lay
those thoughts on paper that I have never
had an apt chance to express. You’re clever,
kind, beautiful, generous and all good
things put together. Even when in mood
to scream at me, even when I display
my displeasure, the harshness leaves in a way
incomprehensible to others. Thank
you ma, for trusting me like friends. Many thanks
for being there for me always. In rain,
or storm, you’re always a call away. It’s vain
attempt to hold you away when I’m ill. I know
you worry ‘cause you love me. Please know
that I love you so much too. That’s why I don’t
mind calling you a hundred times. I don’t
mind being told off for silly things. Not never,
it does rouse a tiny tongue of temper
sometimes. But your obvious care shines bright
through your cross face that I do what’s right.

You’re the one who stood by me all the time.
You’re the one who taught me to stand for what’s right.
You told me to knock the ‘t’ off the can’t.
You’ve helped me shake off my won’ts.
You’ve helped me come to terms with my faults.
You’ve always had high expectations of my potential vault.
You taught me to love learning and thinking
You never said no to my endless questioning.
You’ve taught me to be loving and caring.
You’ve taught me to be smart yet understanding.

You taught me to hope when I was in despair.
You gave me sympathy when no one else cared.

You told to dream yet be real.
You told me to be a boy yet be a girl.
To others, these may seem contradictions,
But to a fellow Libran, these are perfect instructions!

One of the first words I learnt was mother.
I really don’t think there is a more beautiful other.



  1. me touched.its so honest,sincere.
    no wonder ur mom was moved!!!