Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Beginning

The Story Teller traces
her own story, the races
of the heart, the feats
of the soul and the sweet
enjoyment of the mind.
As the tales unwind
today when the breeze
of change soothes the freeze
of winter and rustles the
leaves of my story, the
vivid illuminations
of the recent recitations,
inked by the quill of time
reflect the midnight chime
heard exactly a year ago.

The last year began on
a usual note masking the lawn
of lush ambitions spread
before me. I did dread
the spate of exams I had
to face. I discovered power
in poetry and the flower
of freedom in obedience.
I was also an audience
to many funny incidents at college.
On quite the falling edge
of May, I bid adieu to my
first year at college. On my
entry to the next level,
I enjoyed being part of the marvel
of a quiz team and winning
a prize too. The shining
crown jewel has to be
my very first "salary".

I revelled in my new-found
friendships with my home-bound
bus-mate, the stories we shared
and the old bonds dared
not to snap either
but grew stronger.

My birthday this year,
from being a humble dear
day sky-rocketed into
an awesome party. Onto
all my friends do shower
my praise for making every hour
memorable that special day.
I would also like to say,
The seed of this blog
Bloomed after hours of slog
this year. Also the most 
impacting and the most
influencing event has to be
my very first tour. To be
so far away from my
family and part of my
unpredictable tour was an
experience I'll never forget. An
amalgam of facing fears,
having fun, laughs and tears.
On a lighter note, of course
I proved I lay in the course
of becoming the most accident
prone person, with potential dents
to my head, glass pricking,
electric shocks and falling.

The leaves are now fresh with
the smell of fresh parchment. With
no further ado, this new day
has begun in a nice way,
waiting to be saved in the
annals of memory. Let the
celebrations begin today,
Happy New Year's Day.


  1. nice way to start the new year:-) (with a poem)
    i wouldn't say this is my fav out of ur poems but its kinda nice and nostalgic. miss the carefree first year of college so much:'(

  2. Summary of the entrie 2010 in a single poem!Awesome. Happy new year! Have a great 2011.

  3. POEM!!! :D
    Great one...
    Happy New year to you too!!

  4. Thanks both of you :-) This isn't the best of my poems, but a very natural reflection and very unplanned one! Glad you liked it!