Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Journey

I raced in search of the fair, fair maiden,
afar , as had many of my brethren.
Alongside me were other noble knights
on their own dark and treacherous flights.
But alas! Fast as we were on this path,
her brother struck many aside in wrath.
He cast a veil on her, yet I triumphed.
Missing him by inches, I then skirted
around him and with a burst of speed,
reached her. She was beautiful indeed,
Yet, so close, her face was riddles with pores.
As though aware of my discovery,
she pushed me away, I fell with the very
speed I came , staggering with the impact.
I fell through a glass pane, still quite intact,
right into a dark abyss. From my hole,
I could still see her, scorning every soul.
As I watched, her veil was slowly lifted
and many knights who followed, were gifted
with that momentary glimpse. It was then
that it hit me, she was pretty only when
we knights told her story to everyone,
not when we crowded over her. At once,
I whispered it to the screen at the end
of Sowmya's hole before my journey's end.

Signed, the enduring and the Red Photon,
just before passing into oblivion.