Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Beach Portfolio of Poems

A Fable of Folly

“Long Long ago”, said Aesop in the court,
“there was a donkey led by his master,
across the slippery sands to the port.
The poor beast was made to go much faster
by the merciless merchant, finally
the donkey collapsed beside the seashore
and the salt bundles tumbled towards sea.
As it stood struggling, prepared for some more,
to its surprise, the few bundles weighed less,
not understanding that salt was gone.
The over-worked animal did feel blessed
by God, unlike the disgruntled and wronged
master. The crafty donkey looked forward
to the smell of the fresh salty sea air.
With precise timing, it sauntered toward
the water and slipped. There was less to bear
once again. Elated, and with elan,
it did it again. However, this time,
when the panting sweating merchant began
to reload the bundles, wiping all the grime
away from his face, the surprised donkey
collapsed for there were wet clothes now on its
back. It learned, along with us, that the key
is not to repeat tricks”, thus he proved his wits.

On Cloud Nine

In the morning where glistens the moist dew,
her effort made me awake. With no clue
about my new journey, I lay there hovering
uncertainly on the bed. Shivering
in the dawn, my mother gently took me
in her warm hands and walked towards the sea.
She held me firmly yet she set me free.
Afraid to stray far and with a silent plea,
I took some halfhearted steps with her hand.
Yet, she kept tugging, running on the sand,
encouraged me and reassured by
the pull, I relaxed and few to the sky.
As I embraced the wind and accepted
it, I soared higher, I was excepted
from accidents by the slight force that kept
me grounded and strong. I dreamed big and leapt
among the silver clouds and then looked down.
I drank the exquisite scene, from the brown
sands to the blue sea. As I saw the black
birds, I remembered the black paper back
at home that was brought alive by one whose
sublime joy was seen even amidst those
vast expanses of land, by this kite here.
Though on land, on cloud nine, was mother dear.

The Beach

I walk across the soft slippery sands,
then sit in front of the calm sea. My hands
caress the golden grains. I look ahead.

I see the waves rise gracefully, akin
ti the nice burgeoning hopes within
my heart. I see the crown of pearly foam.
I see those hopes blossom. My mind does roam
into pleasant places. Alas! The waves
bow their heads and crash. I wake up. This paves
the way to acknowledge my aching heart.
Slowly, the refreshing breeze does its part
to blow far away, my unhappiness.
The waves wash away, nevertheless,
and their rhythm further calms my sober
soul. With my anger stilled, I am better.
I raise my head and see the royal sun
dip beneath the horizon and summon
the queen of the night, the celestial moon
to grace the heavens. Bathed in its light soon,
I see the brightness in all times dark.

I see the infinite jewels of this queen,
the stars that bedeck the night sky. Its seen
to take me from my life to my special
place. Wiser. Stronger. Among the sea shells.

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