Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Agony and Ecstasy

A beautiful baby was born,
In the early hours of the morn.
The arrival of a bright new life was
Heard by the waking world. The cause
Of joy delighted the mother,
Father, aunt, uncle, grand mother.
Merry Mother Nature lent her hand,
And helped the robust child land
In a bed of roses and see
Three lovely pleasant summers. She
Then plummeted into the abyss
Of sorrow. Something was amiss.
She lay quite still, quivering and
Ill. She seemed poised between life and
Death. Worried faces appeared above
Her eyes, which did not see the tender love
Nor anything else. But God had
No intention of nipping this bud,
And saved her. It made her see
That she had been given a chance
To prove her worth. All day she pranced
Along with her joyous family.
Six years and six days, a medley
Of medicines, vegetables,
Courage, willpower turned the tables
And removed the vestiges of
Disease. After that, success oft
Came her way. Jubilantly, she
Steadily climbed the happiness tree.
Happiness is a golden gift.
But to find it, you need to sift
Through the mud of misery
One again, a blow struck her revelry.
Incidents piled on the carefree
Shoulders that uttered a quite plea,
And broke her confidence, self esteem
And immunity. Her soul seemed
To cry in exasperation.
Again, her courage, desperation
Ultimately made her win the
The ultimate battle that her
Eyes would witness, the battle
With herself. This had taken a toll which
Could not be easily recovered but
Eventually, she did it. The cut
Healed and Dame Fortune once again smiled
On her. She is today, a mild
Tempered young adult who knows that
The all-consuming agony always sat
Back to back with sheer ecstasy.
She now knows that when she sees agony,
Ecstasy is not far behind.
Thus she has registered in her mind
That the inseparable closely
Linked, agony and ecstasy,
Lead to the necessary rise
Of the very powerful ‘LIFE‘

....Written in Std. XII

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