Thursday, June 26, 2014

Why I Remember The Time

June 25 is a beautiful date. But on 2009, the world was extremely shocked at the untimely death of a legend, Michael Jackson. At that time, I wasn't such a great fan. The overpowering grief of the world swept over me like a tsunami and I was curious to explore the story of his life.

The extraordinary story of resilience, from an ordinary family to a star par competition, whose dance was reflected in so many cultures, the sheer brilliance in that age.

But what made me a huge fan was the song 'Black or White'. The dance was so subtle, complete and so interpretive. A cultural pot-pourri, I was surprised to see a bit of Odissi (at least I think it's Odissi). And the message of unity in diversity was so compelling.

I've seen countless videos since, interviews galore, recorded performances, he lived for his dance. Needless to say, he inspired millions. No matter how he felt in his life, many a times, he may have been distraught but once he began to dance, it was love and passion encapsulated physically in his movements.

Words fail me as I try to explain the complex ways in which I was stunned. And that is my highly inadequate ode to a legend the world lost.

P.S The title was a pun on the song 'Remember the Time'

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