Friday, November 28, 2014


I saw a post talking about what all they were thankful for. On a day with varied hues of emotion, I smiled serenely thinking of what all I'm grateful for.

I'm grateful that at this point in my life, I'm at the pinnacle of freedom, both in my job and life. After being surrounded by order and structure, truly now every day is an adventure, I know not what the forthcoming day brings forth. Sometimes small victories, other times abject miseries. Sometimes, leaps and bounds, sometimes a few crawls. It's all in the game! I'm grateful I can pursue all my passions with zeal and no regrets. I'm grateful to be in the cocoon of love from my family. I'm grateful for all the new experiences I've had this year. I'm grateful I finally go to wield a red pen :P I'm grateful I've become stronger and weaker at the same time. I'm grateful that I've finally started discovering who really is Sowmya S Sundaram. I'm grateful to see this world, to love and be loved. I'm grateful that I learnt there are two kinds of people - people who make you and people who break you, and in the end, you'll thank them both. I'm grateful for the beautiful forest I wake up in. I'm grateful for the warmth of friendships. I'm grateful to be able to savour music, dance, art, architecture and poetry.

In all, I'm blessed. Thank you. 

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