Monday, July 27, 2015

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

It was a name we often heard with awe,
Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam.
My teacher nudged me to read all his books,
And threatened to question me from the nooks
and crannies. Thus, I ventured to open 'Ignited
Minds'. Lo and Behold! That was such a sight.
A glimpse of his soul shone brightly from it.
Knowledge, truth and a plan for betterment
of India, our unique home. You advised
us children like nobody ever did,
full of life, full of hope and full of smiles.

You taught us to dream and believe our dreams.
Your life was to me, one of the best themes
for motivation. Born in such humble
conditions, you chose a task most would fumble.
With the vision to lead, you steered us all
to greater heights. India was in the thrall
of the duality of your greatness and you humility.

You knew the solution to every plague.
And it was never ever very vague.
Your Vision 2020 was proof
of your intelligence beyond reproof.
You taught us how rich India is and how
we can be indigenous and yet succeed now.

Your genius transcended all boundaries.
You amazed people of arts and sciences.
Your joy and love for children is legend.
Today one of them is deeply saddened.

I renewed my promise to chase my dreams today.
India will rise from the depths of history once again.

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