Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Temper Troubles

Today I lost my temper. Its been a very long time since I did. I get irritated, sarcastic, tensed but for a very, very long time I prided on the fact that I keep my cool always. I guess pride always comes before a fall. A hot temper leaves you guilty and horrible and, you suddenly start to wonder, oh-my-god why do I deserve to be at the receiving end of anger now however justified it seemed to be!

It reminded me of a story today.

Once a upon a time, there lived a very short-tempered boy. In an attempt to cure this habit, his father asked him to drive a nail into the fence every time he lost his temper. Predictably, the son drove 20 nails into the fence on the very first day. Slowly he began to realise that driving a nail into the fence was tougher than controlling his temper and his tension seemed to ebb away.

One fine day, he did not drive a nail into the fence even once an entire day. His father was very pleased and said that he may remove a nail. Slowly, by keeping cool an entire day from then on, he managed to remove all the nails on the fence.

Elated with his success, he ran to his father. The father smiled and beckoned him closer and said, "I am very proud of you, but took a look at it." The fence was riddled with marks. Scars. The father explained that how many times you say sorry, you will always leave a scar when you run your sword of temper through a soul.

And then he said....

"Get that fence fixed!"

Alright, the last line was my addition but come on, I cannot be so hard on myself! I am truly sorry if I ever left a scar. Even if I can't remove it, I can at least be a balm to it.

The End

(Always wanted to write that)

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  1. Its always later that we repent, especially when we loose our temper.