Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Story behind my Trips to the Theatre

I've had this post bouncing around in my cranial cavity for sometime but two things finally dragged my bored fingers to finally put it up.

#1 - I saw the film Ko yesterday in the theatre finally.
#2 - Dunston Checks In is on Movies Now at 7 pm today.

As a girl who spent more time at home with imaginary friends, books, rooms built with four pillows, books, Barbies, books, Dragon-Ball-Z, books, Cartoon Network, books, Age of Empires, books, trips to the theatre were very rare. So, I try to recollect the films I saw in theatres in chronological order - of course, they are filled with  stories.

Movie #1 - Dunston Checks In - Somewhere in 2000

As a part of a school field trip to improve English, our IV th standard class was taken to Motcham theatre. That was my very first confrontation with the movie theatre. I was so absorbed in the movie. The next day, the English set up a quiz. Questions were like, "What was the colour of the cake Dunston ran into?". And, thanks to my near-photographic memory, I got all the answers right. I also made a complete fool of myself. I was new to school then. The person next to me was telling me this wasn't as big as Ega theatre. Now, locked away in my vast recesses of memory, I  remembered my mom describing the aforesaid theatre and I repeated the words pretending I knew all about it to fit in. She burst out laughing and told the whole class how her mom told her that my mom told her mom I hadn't actually been to a theatre before. (Good Luck on making that out!). And soon, all the girls in the class started laughing and I felt like imitating an ostrich and burying my head  in shame. I promised myself that I'd try not to lie again.

Movie #2 - Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - Somewhere in 2002

After much pleading and first-rate grovelling, I finally convinced my parents to take me to the movie. I had read only the second book but I wanted to see this before it was too late. Me and my family had an amazing time in the summer vacaction seeing this. And then, we got the CD and me and my sister saw the movie everyday after school from 3 - 5 in the afternoon. We practically know it by-heart.

Movie #3 - Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - June 7th 2004

I fished the exact date from my diary. It was an amazing treat to see that movie. I saw it in Satyam. Awesome! I saw it with my mom, her friend (mentioned as my friend's mom previously) and her son (my friend's brother). My friend, incidentally, was caught up in a handball match in Shimla. It was, till I saw the last HP film, my favourite. I'm sure Miss Autumn Sunshine would agree.

And yes, Chamber of Secrets released in India six months after, so I saw it already.

Movie #4 - Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - 2006

This movie was a party! Three friends with their families and my best friend from class. Also, had the first taste of buttered popcorn at Satyam and enjoyed criticising the movie with my friends. Honestly, you call that thing THE MAZE??? Loads of fun, an entire row was ours.

Movie #5 - Mozhi - 2007

My first Tamil movie in theatre. Mind-blowing! I loved the film. I am almost exactly like Archana in that film. I fight, I work, I care and am proud of who I am. My friend's treat. Same as before, three friends and their families. (Oh yeah, that includes my family in the three). Bala Abirami theatre. P.S. I did scream when I saw that cockroach, so huge, on screen. Also, my eyes did, sort of, get clogged with tears at one point. I think, seeing someone cry, affected me. Now, I am a hardened soul (hopefully!)

Movie #6 - Vinnaithaandi Varu Vaaya  - Feb, 26 2010

On the second day after release, ten girls from my class saw the film. No adults and my friend had to assure my parents that they would take great care of me. I liked the experience, the buying the food. Of course, I still thought buttered popcorn cost Rs.20 in Satyam, like it did in 2004 and had to be bailed out by my friends. It was really funny when people asked me how I thought the film was. It was kind of weird, I mean I hate illogical stuff and, well, all Tamil movies seem to be illogical (Mozhi exempted and also 23rd Pulakesi), what do I say? I didn't care how the movie was, I had a great time. Afterwards, I was informed by my better peers that this is a typical storyline but considerable cute locations and dialgoues made it run.

Movie #7 - 3 Idiots - Somewhere in 2010

This time, the same three families, under my continual nudging, saw the film at Ega theatre. I enjoyed it. One of the rare movies, which I enjoyed more than the book. I later realised, that I saw the film on practically the last day.

Movie #8 - Boss engira Baskaran - October 2010

Me and my uncle's family saw this film in PVR cinemas, Bangalore. Also, had buttered popcorn. I really enjoyed the movie a lot, especially the comedy and the songs. I was a bit disappointed on not getting Endhiran tickets, but still I had nothing to complain at the end of it.

Movie #9 - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - December 2010

A cosy get-together with five girls from school in EA Escape theatre. Me and my best friend got a couple seat which we ceremoniously adorned with chocolate mousse, popcorn and evrything else, you could spill over in the dark. And it didn't help that she had forgotten half the story and I had to keep prompting her. But still, sky was the limit to the fun we had. I think we sampled every food item for sale and actually missed a precious five minutes of the movie buying food. And, we ran into our school yoga teacher!

Movie #10 - Endhiran - December 2010

For the first time ever, my family went to a Tamil film, organised by us and for us alone. It was great. No other word for it!

Movie #11 - ManMadhan Ambu - Somewhere in Jan or Feb 2011

One family, but the same three friends and my sister in one dragon themed theatre at Abirami Mega Mall. Nice fun. Especially the fact that it rained when we were on our way home.

Movie #12 - Ko - June 21 2011

PVR cinemas, Chennai, me and my Mom had a great time together. The theatre was almost empty and we had a great time in that AC hall during summer solstice. I bought virtually everything popcorn, samosa, sweet corn, soft drinks. I enjoyed it in a pleasant sort of a way.

The End.

And yes, I exist and I am perfectly happy.


  1. And I was thinking I was the last to watch KO! :D

  2. It's great that you can recollect all the movies you've watched in theaters that too in chronological order! I wouldn't be able to do that!

    And, do watch Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaiya again but after you fall in love or fall out of love. Then, you won't feel that the movie is weird/illogical :)

  3. @Shahin - LOL! I saw Enthiran in December :-D
    @Sandhya - OK, It was all frills I felt. But then I wasn't paing much attention, I was finding food stuffed into my mouth in all directions in the dark by my friends :-)

  4. Thats two less than the count of movies i saw in theatre this summer :P n don say you've already heard this comment :P

  5. @Story Teller - I didn't watch that movie ( in theater ). Now beat that! :D

  6. @Shahin: I'm beat :-D
    @Sreevatson : I already heard this comment :-P

  7. Mozhi was your first Tamil movie ... huh . what did they do to entertain you in childhood