Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nerd Talk

Points to be noted:

a) You shall wear glasses. Or contacts.

b) You shall answer every question asked in class.

c) You shall not respond to any phone calls, messages or any other distractions and hibernate into the dark recesses of your room.

d) You shall study.

e) You shall get good grades.

f) You shall not see T.V or go on Facebook.

g) You shall slog out and study but help your "friends" on minor tests.

h) You shall not ruin your reputation by appearing at a get-together.

i) You shall dress horribly.

j) You shall not exhibit any other skill.

k) You shall look down on "fun".

l) You shall not say lies.

m) You shall be a nerd.

Or you can be me and blog when you're bored and study hard otherwise. Best of both worlds. When Newton can have a Pseudo Force, Anna University can manage a Pseudo-Nerd me. And trust me, rather than being a nerd, pretending to be one is the key. While the world thinks I have a pen for a mind and an inkpot for a heart, I dream and smile belligerently at their deception.

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