Saturday, May 5, 2012

Three Wise Men

A Canadian , a Britisher and an Indian were very worried at different points in time. All three of them were  deeply perturbed by their students' devout prayers for deadline extensions. Each of them, being brilliant, decided to teach their students important life lessons. So they put together a brilliant plan, which involved travelling in the fifth dimension, bringing the Britisher back saying "Mrithyor ma amritham gamaya", and decided that they will strike this nefarious generation born from 1990 - 1993, living in an unreal wold filled with 3D movies, playstations and Harry Potter. So, they wanted to teach life's lessons, they wanted to teach with a bang, they disapproved of the drool on the third-bencher fighting sleep, the glaze on the eyes of the first bencher daydreaming about the pristine presentation and the near-impossibility to discern the eyes of the last-bencher bent on squeezing that smiley into the last message; they wanted these artificially intelligent human beings to face brutal reality. The Canadian wanted to get down to the basics, to the very electrons that course through semiconductors, to delve into the mysteries of the motherboard, relish the advanced computer architecture, break down what was hitherto taken for granted, tear apart compilers, learn numerical methods to ease computations and then publish his research on the world wide web.

All the above was simply a relevant brain teaser between planning and execution for him of course. Meanwhile, the Indian and the ghost of the Britisher had already put the facts into order. All that was left to do was to use his god-like expertise in object oriented analysis and design to bring about a workable product to teach this generation, once and for all, that deadlines are for wimps.

So the Britisher wrote a law, the Canadian published it in his book and the Indian started a university that prescribed the book.

But of course, a book was a tame tool to teach reality, ups and downs. So the master-stroke was announced by the Indian.

Vice Chancellor of my University made students realise the beauty of Parkinson's Law mentioned by Craig Larman by shifting examination timetables.

Ah we are as blessed as Jesus, for instead of gold, frankincense and myrrh, they taught us about guilt, frustration and mirth.

Explaining a joke is like dissecting a frog, you understand it better but the frog dies in the process. I have no clue what genre am writing, its a mix of satire, fantasy and hyperbole. So those links are the subject am supposed to be learning now but am put off by the ever evasion of the exam. Do see what the Parkinson's Law says, its humorous. And last of all, this is not a joke, its a fact ;-)


  1. Ha Ha !!
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    1. I know :-) Creative juices flowing :-D

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  3. Brilliant correlation ! *bows*

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