Friday, February 25, 2011

A Chat about Chess

“Chess, milady”, said the king, “is very
serious business. I, for one, am very
slow, moving one square at a time, but in
all directions. Guard yours truly to win.
Beside me, is my faithful queen, a strong
soldier who darts across the board along
all points of the compass for the team. And
on either side of us, the bishops stand
who move diagonally and defeat
the enemy by forcing a retreat
with their wit and shrewdness. Alongside them,
are positioned the brave knights. Strategem
is easy as he is undaunted by
a foe in his path as his steed doth fly
over him in clever L – formation.
Up next are the strong castles. Foundations
so strong hinders diagonal movement.
Hence, they heave their heavy selves and then vent
their power in a straight manner. In front
of us, is a phalanx of pawns. They hunt
their prey one step at a time and forward
alone. They are oft thought cowards
but on the other end become powers.
May the battle begin, my dear flower.”

Chess - John Singer Sargent


  1. With your poem, you have proved that Chess is more than just a board game! Classic poem!