Friday, February 25, 2011

A Tale of Two Crows

Long long ago, in a faraway land,
faced two crows who had the gift of the gab.
An arrogant sneer met a soft, gentle
yet firm look. The latter looked very drab
when compared to the majestic and dark
sleek coat that had taken hours to arrange.
“A challenge”, announced the big mighty crow.
Thus the sands of time swirled to winds of change.
“The one who is able to, by means of
his prodigious strength, carry this bag
filled with a substance chosen by his wit
to that tree first will earn the winner tag.”
The handsome haughty crow filled his bag with
cotton. His rival was out of range
as he had used salt. Then, began the rain.
Thus the sands of time swirled to winds of change.
The meek measly one glided to victory
as the salt had dissolved rapidly. He
proved his worth and quietly observed the
other, with forlorn faded feathers. He
felt his rival’s power of silence, while
being dragged by the sagging sack. Exchange
of such stories light up the novice mind to
whom now sands of time swirl to winds of change.

Mirth and Joy - taken from an art forum