Friday, February 25, 2011

Magic Masters over Muggle Me

Around the same age as Harry was when
he discovered magic, did I listen
to my friend’s advice and read the books that
changed my life forever. The Sorting Hat
had chosen me to be one of Harry’s
greatest fans. Bordering on a Dobby
like fashion, I followed the many years
in Hogwarts with passion. A muggle yearns
to be a part of this world since the journey
has truly been magical. As fiery
dragons and Dark forces Harry battled,
in a parallel universe rattled
my soul against evil in my own world.
As Harry caught the Snitch, in a whirl,
I did cheer for him and my very first
poem. Just when Harry had been so cursed
with the worst luck and accidents so
had I been dogged by misfortune. Also,
as he climbed out of it with help from friends
did I forge wondrous friendships. When amends
and sorry were made with alacrity
did I humble and later destiny
was ours to conquer. Alas! my quill dries.
For you dear Harry, till the broomstick flies.

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